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Welcome to Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology (CTUST)

Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology (CTUST), formerly named “Chungtai Junior College” was founded in 1966 by Dr. Tien-Chi Chen (M.D., Ph.D.), the superintendent of  Shun-Tian General Hospital, then upgraded to Chungtai Institute of Health Science and Technology in 1998 and then “Central Taiwan University of  Science and  Technology” in 2005. Among all the technological and vocational education schools, CTUST has served more than 55 years as one of the most completed medical technology education universities in Taiwan. CTUST provides not only technological expertise, but also education on humane concern and life caring with respect.

Welcome to Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Over the last 55 years, CTUST has been well-developed in school affairs under the instruction of the supervisors from MOE, the endeavor of the presidents, faculty, staff and students. With the multiple entrance programs, the total number of students is about 8,000 at present. The alumni of CTUST are serving their professions domestic and abroad with favorable comments. Located in Da-keng scenic area (the back garden of TaiChung City), with Guan-Yin Mountain at the back and Da-Li brook in the front, CTUST has a great view of TaiChung City. 

The convenient transportation to CTUST is accessible by 25-minute drive down the highway from the Taiwan Boulevard and train station, taking buses, or riding i-bikes. The campus is away from the hustling and bustling downtown, which not only provides beautiful scenery but also ideal studying environment.